Live Encounters: poems

Live Encounters

Caregiving Global Summit

Caregiving Global Summit

The Cortland Review, Issue 78

The Cortland Review Issue 78

Poems From Here: my poem, "Heart" read by Stuart Kestenbaum on Maine Public Radio

Poems from Here: Stuart Kestenbaum Maine Public Radio

Portland Press Herald, "Mother"

Gibson Fay LeBlanc's Deep Water Poetry Column

Ekphrastic Review

Ekphrastic Review

Rebecca Foust's Poetry Sundays

"Echolocation" featured on Rebecca Foust's Poetry Sundays

Poetry Foundation

Poetry Foundation

Two Fables and an Elegy

Plume June 2018 Issue 83

"Heart Attack" from ECHOLOCATION

Verse Daily, June 26, 2018

"Echolocation", "Flight 213", "Ode to Autumn"

Levure Litteraire edited by Helen Cordona

Best Of American Poetry: Nin Andrews

Interview about ECHOLOCATION

Radio Interview on Poetry Hangout

Kevin Barnum interview about ECHOLOCATION

Ron Slate's On the Seawall

"Weather Report" was featured

One by Jacar Press

"The Milkmaid"

The Visible Poetry Project

"Echolocation" made into a video by Sarah Durn

American Life in Poetry Column by Ted Kooser

"Work" from ECHOLOCATION, Plume Editions/MadHat Press, 2018

"In the Women's Locker Room"

"In the Women's Locker Room" Daily Poem of the Paris Review, June 17th, 2019

"We Were Our Father's Second Family"

Poetry Daily, August 6, 2019

Palm Beach Poetry Festival feature

Palm Beach Poetry Festival, Delray, 2020

"Gratitude" November, 2019


PLUME Issue 99

The Poet Speaks

PLUME Issue 99 Explication of "Elegy"

James Crews' blog, THE SINGING BOWL

"Work" from ECHOLOCATION is featured

The American Journal of Poetry

"Butterfly Net Over My Right Shoulder"

Vox Populi


Vox Populi


Pigeon Pages

"Biology Lesson"

Maine Public Radio: Poems From Here

"Mother" read by Stuart Kestenbaum


SWIMM, June 5, 2020


On the Seawall, May 26, 2020

"Lingua Naturae" and "How to Bear the News"

What Rough Beast edited by Michael Broder

"Where the robins Took Me" and "Northern Flicker"

PLUME Poetry Journal edited by Daniel Lawless, September , 2020

"Meditation on Preparing a Soft-boiled Egg"

American Journal of Poetry, July, 2020, edited by Robert Nazarene

Grey Whale

New Ohio Review

"My Mother Comes to Dinner"

New Ohio Review


Selected by Megan Grumbling for the Portland Press Herald's Deep Water Poetry Column, December 6, 2020


The American Journal of Poetry, 2021

"Kitchen Visit"

The Night Heron Barks, Winter 2021

ECHOLOCATION on Parley for the Oceans and Atmos

Eco Poetry Series with Ellen Bass, Marie Howe, Vijay Seshadri, D. Nurkse, Iain Haley Pollock, Alicia Ostriker and Catherine Pierce

The Eco Poetry Series on Parley for Oceans and Atmos

All the poems in the series: Ellen Bass, Marie Howe, Vijay Seshadri, D. Nurkse, Iain Haley Pollock, Alicia Ostriker and Catherine Pierce